The application process is easy.

Any school district employee who is interested may request grant funding. The EFW Grants committee review submissions once a year and then advances its finalists to the full board for voting.

What does the EFW fund?
All projects maximizing the potential of Wauwatosa Public Schools and its students will be considered. Prioritization will be given to those applications utilizing innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Projects may strengthen and improve the instruction in an individual classroom, an entire grade level, department, or program, or even be collaborative with multiple schools.

The EFW currently does not fund: professional development, field trips, capital improvements, or assembly speaker fees.

Generally, the EFW will not fund the same grant twice, although subsequent expansion of the project might be considered. If your grant is based on a previously awarded grant, you will be asked to explain how your grant will be adapted and enhanced to fit your specific situation.

How much does the foundation grant or fund annually?
It depends. The amount awarded in a given year is based in part on the funds available and the potential impact of the project. Total awards exceed $1.1 million since the first round of funds was awarded.

Can anyone apply for a grant?
We accept applications from all Wauwatosa teachers and staff. Staff members may apply as an individual teacher or administrator, members of a department, employees of a specific school, or another collaborative group. Staff members who apply as a collaborative group must work together in a school program or a curricular area implementing new instructional strategies, which will improve the educational quality for Wauwatosa students.

How do I apply for a grant?
The grant application process starts by downloading an application, answering the questions and submitting it either through U.S. mail, interoffice district mail or electronically through email.

When do I apply?
Currently there is one grant cycle per year. It begins in September and closes in January. Your request will only be considered if it is submitted by the January deadline. Final decisions by our Board are announced annually in March.

How much can I ask for when applying for a grant?
While there are no specific dollar limits, past grants have been awarded anywhere between $200 and $50,000. We encourage you to look at the EFW website to learn more about past grant winners. Grant requests should not supplant any currently funded programs.

Please reach out to former grant recipients or contact us if you would like to discuss the appropriate amount to request.

Still require more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us. 

We are not accepting grant requests at this time.
The next grant application window opens in 8/23.