The Education Foundation of Wauwatosa – The EFW — promotes excellence, innovation, and opportunities in Wauwatosa’s public schools by raising and awarding money for educational initiatives which prepare students for success by enhancing and enriching their learning experience.

Message from the President

I have to pinch myself every time I have the honor of participating in the grant review process. How many people get to give away other people’s money? I’m one of the lucky ones that is pleased to say I am part of an organization that has impacted every single student at some point during their years in school. Whether you are exploring the EFW for the first time or have been part of our community for a long time, I welcome you and thank you for your support. Without donors like you, we would not be able to fund the educator-requested grants, which are the cornerstone of our existence. I am so proud to lead this board and excited for the work we continue to do. Raising funds and deliberating to give them away is not easy, but I do it with all the vim and vigor I can muster, because it is exciting to know with every batch of grants we award, we enrich the learning experience of students districtwide.

Jackie Costa,



To promote excellence, innovation and opportunity in Wauwatosa public schools by raising and awarding money for educational initiatives, which enhance and enrich learning experiences for all students.

The EFW Board Members

The EFW, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that supports teachers and students in the Wauwatosa School District, through our annual grant process. While we provide support to the District, we are a separate entity. The Board Members below serve the EFW, not the Wauwatosa School Board.

Please either use the contact form or email us with your general inquiries. You may also use the envelop button to reach out to any board member. 

Lindsay Atkinson
Lindsay AtkinsonNorthwestern Mutual
Danielle Barr
Danielle BarrWe Are Teachers
Shawn Cissell
Shawn Cissell Pregis
Jackie Costa
Jackie CostaResponsory Marketing
Renee Logee-Hensersky
Renee Logee-HenserskyUnited Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee
Liz Woo McCabe
Liz Woo McCabeCommunity Representative
Scott Miller
Scott MillerFast Signs owner
Elizabeth Neupauer
Elizabeth NeupauerCommunity Representative
Megan Olson
Megan Olson OpenGov, Inc.
Kristin Pelot
Kristin PelotChildren's Community Health Plan
Scott Shelnutt
Scott ShelnuttTosa Block Party owner
Matthew Sochor
Matthew SochorGinkgo Bioworks
Karri Tait
Karri TaitCommunity Representative
Georgia Tice
Georgia TiceAntiquity GCMS
Kristin Flierl
Kristin FlierlAdministrative Director
 Ex-officio board member - Dr. Demond Means
Ex-officio board member - Dr. Demond MeansSuperintendent of Schools

Our history as trusted volunteers interested in preparing students
for the future goes back more than 30 years.

The EFW was organized in 1990 in an effort to raise money to support new, innovative and interesting learning ideas that would improve the overall educational quality of Wauwatosa’s public schools. And ever since then, we being doing just that. Since inception, we’ve worked to raise funds that we turn around and award back to educators in the form of grants dollars that will be used to enhance and extend the established curriculum and support projects that are beyond the school district’s budget.

The EFW is run by a volunteer board of directors and a part-time administrative director. It is financially supported by the Wauwatosa community. About 90 percent of all money raised goes directly to grants.